Matt O'Callaghan

Media: 21
Company Name: Matt O'Callaghan Photography
Location: California, United States
Member Since: Dec 15, 2013

Matt O'Callaghan comes from a family of photographers and film makers. His Father, Grandfather and Uncle are all in the business of capturing "life" in the present moment. Matt has lived in Venice Beach, CA for fourteen years and enjoys photographing the remarkable people and this vibrant place. His offered photographs of Venice also include ones of the Pacific Ocean. He uses a Canon camera with an underwater housing and goes out in a wetsuit to capture the this ocean that he loves so much. He takes his Leica to the clubs and on the boardwalk. When not photographing Matt is a motion capture specialist for film and video games. He worked for seven years with Director Robert Zemeckis at Sony Pictures and Disney and currently is working on Video Games in Los Angeles.